A complete, automated end-to-end sample loading protocol for the Opentrons OT-2 makes use of a layered sandwich approach with defined airgaps between the layers. This sandwich is pushed through the Evotip with the OT-2 pipette for 100 seconds leaving the Evotip ready for injection on the Evosep One.

The automated sample loading protocol relies on a defined sample volume of 20 µl and solvent A volumes of 15 µl and 150 µl respectively to keep the sandwich intact through loading.

The protocol has been converted into an easy-to-use HTML form, that generates a complete python script for use in the Opentrons app, allowing the user to load from 8 to 288 Evotips in a single run.

An Evotip Loading kit (OT-2) (EV1144) is required to run the protocol as well as two pipettes; an Opentrons 8-channel P20 pipette and an Opentrons 8-channel P300 pipette.


Opentrons ot-2 Evotip Loading protocol

Opentrons OT-2 Evotip loading protocol allowing you to generate a protocol that suits your needs. The protocol uses the Opentrons 8-channel P20 and P300 pipettes to load eight Evotip Pure at the time and up to 288 Evotip Pure per protocol run.

Generate protocol file and import to Opentrons app.

Step-by-Step Guide

Opentrons ot-2 Evotip Loading protocol

Download the step-by-step guide in PDF on how to use the Opentrons OT-2 Evotip Loading Protocol.

See video guides below as well.

Application notes

A complete, automated Opentrons OT-2 loading protocol for simplified sample loading of Evotip Pure

App note describing automatic loading protocol for loading of Evotips.