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At Evosep you are encouraged to develop your skills, challenge status quo, and try out those great ideas of yours. You will contribute to solutions for improving quality of life and patient care and be a part of an innovative, open, and dynamic culture in an ever-evolving industry. Want to join?

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“I have the freedom to organize my time how it fits me. I travel a lot with my job, I like moving around and get to experience new cultures. What also motivates me about my job is the quality of the product. We never promise more than we can deliver, and our customers are happy. That makes me proud.”

Djordje Vasiljević, Product Specialist and field-based employee


You will be part of our collaborations with world-leading scientists where we work to develop new innovative technologies and solutions to make sample separation 10 times faster and 100 times more robust than todays’ alternatives.

Our innovative mindset means that we often rethink existing structures and move in a different direction. We cannot guarantee you a predictable workday, quite the opposite. But what we can guarantee you is a positive and inclusive environment with a team that will always help you move forward.


You will join a rapidly growing company and that influences the way we work. You will be a part of an educational environment and we are all continuously learning as we face new challenges. We are striving to be transparent with both successes and failures. We do not believe in a fixed hierarchy, and you will have the possibility to get a lot of influence and shape your own role within the company as we evolve.

Our rapid growth also requires a lot from our team, and we will not be able to tell you everything you need to do. You will get a direction or a goal, but you must work out how to get there yourself; when you join a growing company, you must grow too.


You will get a lot of freedom. We will count on you to be dedicated and deliver and in return we will offer you the flexibility to schedule your work in a way that best compliments your work-life balance. We will not look you over the shoulder and we are counting on you to be independent, but your team will also be ready to help with all the questions you might have.

We strive to have an informal and relaxed tone where there is room for sharing your opinion and thoughts. You will get the freedom to try out your ideas and solutions in an environment where initiative thrives and where your team will be ready to challenge and develop you along the way.

…And fun too

Social activities are important and at Evosep it ranges from morning espresso to Friday happy hour on our balcony (weather permitting) to team building activities such as learning how to sail an old boat or competing in a beach volley tournament. We meet each day for a buffet lunch and regularly invite our field-based colleagues to visit so we can strengthen the all-important personal connections and dive deeper into the science that drives us forward.

The team

You will work with a talented team of open and curious people with a can-do mentality and a strong belief in our ability to make a real difference with what we do. Our team consists of different generations with different backgrounds, which gives a good dynamic. We are a lot of nerds gathered under one roof with strong opinions. We are not shy of throwing ourselves into passionate work-related discussions, but it is never more dramatic than we can meet for a beer or a coffee on our balcony afterwards. It is important for us to keep a constructive and positive tone.

Working in the field with Evosep

As a field-based colleague, you will be fully included in the company. You will be in contact with your colleagues several times a week via phone and video call. Your colleagues will be ready to guide you, but you must also be comfortable with asking and take initiative.

We strive to give our field-based employees a great amount of freedom and flexibility, as an ideal work-life balance is a core value for Evosep. It is therefore crucial that you are comfortable with working from your own home office and that you see it as a benefit that you will have to organize your own time.

Working as a field-based employee also entails a considerable amount of travelling, however the amount of travel days will depend on the season, and we make sure to maintain a good balance between days of travelling and days at the home office.

“I quickly felt as a part of the company when I started here. The work environment is extremely professional but the general tone is very relaxed, which I really like. The social aspect is highly prioritized and getting a cup of coffee with my colleagues or a Friday beer on the balcony has become an important part of my week.”

Andreas Rolsted, Product Technician

Equal opportunity employer statement 

At Evosep we believe that our differences should be celebrated and supported. 

We are an equal opportunity employer. All applications will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status or similar personal characteristics or demographics. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in the workplace, and we are committed to a work environment that supports, inspires, and respects all individuals.

Want to know more about Evosep and our story?

The story of the people behind Evosep goes way back. Our founder, Ole Vorm, started working with protein mass spectrometry back in 1989 and founded his first company in 1997. Have a look at our story, if you are interested in learning more about the milestones that led to the birth of Evosep.