Automated workflows

Automation is vital to enhance efficiency and reproducibility across experiments and support standardization throughout the sample preparation workflow.

Evosep One facilitates robust and reproducible high-throughput analysis of large scale sample cohorts, which is now complemented with our fully automated sample preparation workflow.


optimized for your sample loading

Fully automated loading protocol, adaptable to any liquid handling robot  

The workflow is compatible with various liquid handling systems, offering high-throughput sample preparation for proteomics analysis.

This comprehensive process includes a digestion protocol and Evotip Pure loading that demonstrates impressive sensitivity that allows for the identification of numerous proteins from minimal input material. By optimizing the use of consumables, costs associated with proteomics analysis are minimized, improving accessibility.

This efficient approach incorporates liquid layering techniques and positive air pressure to ensure consistent and reliable results, making it highly valuable for a wide range of applications.

automated modular sample preparation strategy

Our new End-to-End Proteomics Workflow offers a comprehensive solution, accelerating discovery while maintaining high data quality and reproducibility. 

It implements a fully automated solution for sample preparation in proteomics research offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency, reproducibility, and productivity. 

Cost-efficient and scalable end-to-end workflow on the Opentrons OT-2

This fully automated workflow, integrated with Evotip Pure and Opentrons OT-2 provides a robust solution for high-throughput plasma proteomics. 

Enhanced automation significantly reduces manual labor, improving reproducibility and provides researchers with more time for critical decision-making. The workflow serves as a cost-efficient strategy for large-scale applications by carefully considering the needed protein input for digestion. 

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Automated sample prep workflows have gained in popularity in proteomics laboratories by eliminating manual handling steps, reducing human error and variability, leading to more consistent results.

Standardizing the sample preparation adds even more benefits by minimizing batch effects and enables more reliable data analysis and interpretation. The individual protocols can be precisely programmed and executed in different, modular configurations, ensuring reproducibility across different samples and experiments.

Currently available for

Opentrons OT-2

This sample loading protocol for the Opentrons OT-2 offers a robust and rapid end-to-end proteomics workflow for PAC digestion and subsequent digestion protocol for Evotip Pure and can be set up as a fully automated End-to-End workflow.

 A loading kit is required. Find it here.

Agilent AssayMAP Bravo

Here we introduce a complete automated Evotip loading protocol on the Agilent AssayMap Bravo platform. This liquid handler has 96 probe syringes which ensures very fast sample loading on the Evotip – a full box can be loaded in just four minutes.

A loading kit is required. Find it here.

Beckman coulter Biomek i5

The combination of the Biomek i5 Automated Liquid Handler combined with our Evosep technology offers a robust and scalable solution for high-throughput proteomics.

This workflow includes automated sample loading, PAC digestion, neat plasma analysis, and Mag-Net enrichment. 

Elevate efficiency

Automation accelerates proteomics, optimizing throughput and reducing costs, making it ideal for labs of all experience levels. With automation you can streamline the entire sample preparation process, especially for large sample volumes or when sensitivity and standardization are crucial.

Free up more time for new discoveries, optimize resources, and tackle larger sample cohorts with ease. Our protocol unleashed efficiency, empowering you to unlock the full potential of your proteomic research.

Optimize throughput, and accelerate data generation

To scale up proteomics, speed is of the essence. Automation has the power to turbocharge data generation and with our loading protocol you are all set for rapid processing, significantly reducing the time required for sample preparation.

consistency and reproducibility across samples

With automation you can minimize the risk of human error, resulting in highly reproducible results. Whether you’re analyzing ten or a hundred samples, you can trust that your data will be consistent, facilitating robust scientific conclusions.

It’s all in the evotip

With automation comes convenience. The Evotip speeds up your sample loading, reduces carry-over and is a significant contribution to why proteomics has become so easy and routine.

accommodate larger sample cohorts

The workflow should be scalable and easy to use in any lab. Our protocol is designed with scalability in mind and you can seamlessly process hundreds of samples in a single workday.

Automation offers a cost-effective alternative

By optimizing sample usage and reducing reagent consumption, our system streamlines processes while minimizing waste, automation can substantially reduce the overall cost of proteomic analyses.

One size fits all with standardization

Minimizes the complexity with our user-friendly design. This means that you can easily integrate our protocol into your existing workflows, regardless of your level of expertise.


MEET OUR USERS and learn how they have implemented automation as part of the sample preparation

Elevate efficiency: the power of automation

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In this webinar, we’ll guide you through the process of getting started with automated workflows and highlight the benefits of combining them with the Evosep One.

Automated sample prep workflows

available on demand

In this webinar, we will focus on automated samples prep workflows. Users will share how they have standardized their sample prep workflows and discuss the advantages of combining automated sample prep workflows with the Evosep One.

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Evosep application note for AssayMAP bravo protocol for Evotip
Application Note
Cost-efficient and scalable end-to-end workflow on the Opentrons OT-2 for neat plasma utilizing Evotip Pure
Evosep application note for AssayMAP bravo protocol for Evotip
Application Note
Scalability for high-throughput proteomics – Evotip pure integration with the biomek i5 liquid handler
application note
Efficient proteomics with an automated sample preparation strategy leveraged by the Evotip Pure and the Assaymap Bravo
EVOSEP ONE: A Standardized Separation
Tool for Clinical Omics
Evosep application note for AssayMAP bravo protocol for Evotip
Application Note
End-to-end, fully automated digestion protocol and Evotip Pure workflow on the Opentrons OT-2
Evosep application note for AssayMAP bravo protocol for Evotip
Application Note
Fully automated, rapid, robust sample loading on Evotip Pure with the Agilent AssayMAP Bravo
application note
Evosep One solves the proteomics dilemma – covering high throughput analysis and proteome depth
application note
A complete, automated Opentrons OT-2 loading protocol
for simplified sample loading of Evotip Pure

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