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Evosep Biolabs for high-throughput and standardized proteomics

Evosep Biolabs is a center of excellence for high-throughput proteomics, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of proteomics for accelerating drug discovery and bridging translational research to diagnostics. By tailoring your project to fully automated end-to-end proteomics workflows, you gain access to unbiased data insights. 

With Evosep Biolabs you can: 

With Evosep Biolabs we facilitate large-scale cohort studies and the advancement of precision medicine. Our state-of-the-art facility and expertise in proteomics, combined with genomic information and next-generation sequencing, enable a deeper understanding of biological systems. This multi-omics approach uncover molecular mechanisms of diseases, identify new biomarkers, and develop personalized therapeutic strategies.

Obtain Unbiased data insights with Biolabs

Experience unparalleled insights with Evosep Biolabs’ state-of-the-art proteomics LC-MS/MS workflows. Our services offer comprehensive identification and quantification of proteoforms, providing a detailed and unbiased view of the plasma proteome.

  • Unbiased profiling of 1000’s of proteins
  • Scalable operations with consistent and reliable results

Unbiased analysis facilitates critical information on isoforms and post-translational modifications (PTMs), supporting advanced understanding and informed decision-making in research and clinical applications.

How to get started

Analyzing large-scale plasma samples is a complex task that requires precision, expertise, and advanced technology.

Getting started with Evosep Biolabs is a seamless process designed to provide you with precise, actionable insights from your plasma samples. Contact us today to begin your journey towards groundbreaking discoveries in plasma proteomics.


A complete service

Evosep Biolabs provides a comprehensive service package that encompasses automated sample preparation and standardized separation methods, ensuring the delivery of high-quality data without the need for extensive in-house setup.

Our integrated workflows enable rapid and reproducible proteomics analysis, providing customers with a streamlined and cost-efficient solution for plasma proteomics analysis.

“Evosep’s new advancements in proteomics workflows and proteomic analytical services established within our Evosep Biolabs Center of Excellence are set to transform the landscape of proteomics research to unlock biological insights,”

Morten Bern, CEO at Evosep



In the quest for efficient and comprehensive plasma proteomics analysis, Evosep Biolabs has established completely automated pipelines for Neat and Mag-Net plasma analyses.

By integrating both Neat and Mag-Net plasma analysis modules within our framework, customers can capitalize on the complementary strengths of each approach.


Neat plasma analysis provides rapid screening and initial insights, while Mag-Net plasma analysis offers enhanced sensitivity and depth, enabling comprehensive profiling and validation of low-abundant biomarkers. Together, they form a synergistic framework that maximizes the utility of plasma proteomics in advancing precision medicine and transformative discoveries.

investigate the plasma proteome

Mag-net Plasma analysis

Elevate your plasma proteomics research with Mag-Net enriched plasma analysis. Leveraging magnetic bead-based sample preparation methods, Mag-Net enriched plasma analysis selectively removes high-abundant proteins and enriches low-abundant proteins from plasma samples before analysis.

This innovative approach enhances sensitivity and depth of analysis, enabling identification of more than 5,000 proteins. Explore the power of high-throughput Mag-Net plasma analysis with Evosep Biolabs, as we pave the way for transformative discoveries in plasma proteomics.

Investigate the plasma proteome

Neat Plasma analysis

Neat plasma analysis involves the direct injection of untreated plasma samples into the mass spectrometer, bypassing traditional sample preparation steps.

With close to 1500 proteins identified in neat plasma samples, customers can expedite biomarker discoveries, clinical diagnostics, and large-scale population studies.

Join us as we revolutionize plasma proteomics with Neat plasma analysis, providing rapid insights into the plasma proteome to advance precision medicine.

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