where to meet us next

WHere to meet us next

Meeting up with fellow scientists, sharing data and getting up to date with the current needs in the field of proteomics is important to us. We always have a busy travelling plan, visiting conferences all over the world. Below you can get an overview of our travels this year. We hope to meet you. 

March 2020

Due to coronavirus pandemic, several conferences have been either postponed, cancelled, or will happen as virtual meetings instead. Therefore, keep an eye on this page as we keep it updated with the current information from organizers.

Conference on Protein and Proteomics (CPP 2020)

This international conference in China will cover various topics on disease proteomics, pharmaceutical proteomics, or protein modification and interaction. Professionals from all over the world will share their latest research results and methods.

2020, Xi’an, China


With the aim to accelerate the implementation of mass spectrometry, this meeting invites academic and industrial experts within the field to lead a discussion and share their views and experience. Evosep will hold a breakfast workshop. 

March 29 – April 2, 2020, Palm Springs, USA

Proteomics in Cell Biology

This conference focuses on the application of proteomics to cell biology and unraveling disease mechanisms by addressing conceptually novel ways to study long-standing questions in these fields. Due to the situation with coronavirus, this conference will take place as a virtual meeting.

March 30 – April 1, 2020, Hinxton, United Kingdom


A meeting centered around various topics within the field of mass spectrometry. It is organized by a voluntary organization MS-Öresund and its aim is to facilitate interactions between researches, users, and students. 

March 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

April 2020

Swiss Proteomics Meeting 2020

This meeting is organized by LS² Proteomics. It brings together not only professionals from the field but also students presenting flash talks which make the whole event very interactive.

April 2-3, 2020, Montreux, Switzerland

ESAC 2020

Executive Seminars in Analytical Chemistry (ESAC) is a great opportunity to see and learn more about the latest developments in analytical instruments. This year’s keynote speakers come from the Danish Crown and from the Technical University of Denmark.

April 29, 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

May 2020

CNPN Annaul Meeting

Next stop for Evosep will be in Canada. Canadian National Proteomics Network invites professionals to its 12th annual meeting which is a mix of bioinformatical workshops, talks, and posters. 

May 11-13, 2020, Toronto, Canada


This Congress of proteomics societies of Spain, France, and Portugal includes training sessions and a forum where latest ideas will be presented, discussed, and shared. It comments not only on clinical proteomics but also on proteomics of plants and animals or on microbial proteomics. 

2020, Oviedo, Spain


The largest annual gathering of mass spectrometry scientists in the world takes place in Houston. Same as last year, we will have a breakfast seminar featuring some exciting news and the latest user data. More information will appear soon. 

May 31 – June 4, 2020, Houston, USA


This conference brings our Evosep representative to Japan where the 68th annual conference on mass spectrometry takes place.

May 11-13, Osaka, Japan

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