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Meeting up with fellow scientists, sharing data and getting up to date with the current needs in the field of proteomics is important to us. We always have a busy travelling plan, visiting conferences all over the world. Below you can get an overview of our travels this year. We hope to meet you. 

MARCH 2019

XIII. Annual Congress of the European Proteomics Association

This year’s theme: From Genes via Proteins and their Interactions to Functions.

March 24 – 28, Mannheim, Germany

ABRF 2019 Annual Meeting

An annual international symposium providing a mix of new science and practical and informational workshops as well as exhibitions of new technologies within the field. 

March 23 – 26, San Antonio, United States

MSACL US 2019 – Clinical mass spectrometry

With the aim to explore and understand more about the potential and benefits of clinical application of mass spectrometry this meeting invites academic and industrial experts within the field to lead this discussion and share their view and experiences.

March 31th – April 4th, Palm Springs, US

NVMS-BSMS international congress on Mass Spectrometry 

This Dutch and Belgian organized conference will have both scientific lectures, with 7 confirmed speakers covering a broad range of topics from academic, government, and industrial scientists and will also include and exhibition area, showcasing the last instrumental developments.

March 31th – April 2th, Rolduc, Netherlands

APRIL 2019

The 19th annual Executive Seminar in Analytical Chemistry

An event that presents a great opportunity to gain insight to the knowledge of leading scientific researchers from all fields of analytical chemistry as they present their experiences, methods and results and also see and learn more about the latest developments in analytical instruments.

April 11th, Copenhagen, Denmark

Keystone Symposia: Proteomics and its Application to Translational and Precision Medicine (D3)

This 5-day symposia is organised by Matthias Mann, Emma K. Lundberg, Albert J.R. Heck and Mathias Uhlén and is a mix of poster sessions, talks and networking. 

April 7-11, Stockholm, Sweden

Annual Swiss Proteomics Meeting 2019

Focussing on new trends in proteomcis this meeting presents a great opportunity for everyone interested in proteomics to dive deeper into advanced mass spectrometric strategies in order to get mechanistic insights into dynamic biological processes

May 23-24, Montreux, CH

The 11th Canadian National Proteomics Network Annual Meeting

This Symposium is a mix of bioinformatical workshops, talks and posters

May 6-8, Quebec City, US

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