Evosep at ASMS 2020

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Join us again at this year’s ASMS, the largest virtual gathering of mass spectrometry scientists in the world.

Even though the setup is a bit different, we guarantee a program filled with exciting talks, new solutions, hot of the press customer data and of course a lot of fun. Learn more about our contribution to ASMS and register for our breakfast seminar below.

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Answer the daily question about Evosep and win an Evosep One – scale model. A winner will be announced every day during ASMS from that days entries.

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On June 3rd, we launched EVOSEP+ which is a software and application addition to the Evosep One platform. The new set of methods extend the potential for clinical research.

While expanding our scope with specialized methods, we continue to deliver these with our key values such as ease of use, speed, robustness and sensitivity. EVOSEP+ is a dynamic environment, which will continue to grow with standardized solutions to new applications.

Visit our new product page to learn more.

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We would love to meet you in person, sharing our progress and hearing more about you and your research challenges – so do not hesitate to book us for a personal meeting at ASMS 2020 – just remember that the meeting is not final until it has been personally confirmed. 

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Scientific Presence

poster no. WP 518

New strategy for bacterial species identification in Urinary Tract Infection using Artificial Intelligence on Ultrafast LC-MSMS-DIA runs


Florence Roux-Dalvai, Mickaël Leclercq, Marion Narbeburu, Tabiwang N. Arrey, Nicolai Bache, Clarisse Gotti, Claire Dauly, David Bouyssié, Maurice Boissinot, Michel G. Bergeron, Arnaud Droit

Talk at TOB AM 08:50

High-throughput and robust nanoflow chromatography combined with trapped ion mobility spectrometry and PASEF for in-depth lipidomics from 1µL human plasma


Catherine G. Vasilopoulou, Nicolai Bache, Ole Hoerning, Philipp E. Geyer, Karolina Sulek, Andreas-David Brunner, Dmitry Voytik, Sanjib Meitei, Aiko Barsch, Matthias Mann, Florian Meier

Talk at THOF AM 09:50

Leveraging trapped ion mobility spectrometry and PASEF for single cell proteomics


Andreas-David Brunner, Florian Meier, Fabian Coscia, Craig Whitehouse, Markus Lubeck, Nagarjuna Nagaraj, Ole Bjeld Horning, Oliver Raether, Andreas Mund, Nicolai Bache, Melvin A. Park, Matthias Mann

poster no. MP 332

Expanding the versatility of the Evosep One with a toolbox of specialized workflows for MS-based omics


Dorte B. Bekker-Jensen, Ole B. Hørning, Andreas-David Brunner, Catherine G. Vasilopoulou, Florian Meier, Philipp E. Geyer, Peter A. Nielsen, Lasse Falkenby, Jesper V. Olsen, Ole Vorm, Matthias Mann and Nicolai Bache

poster no. MP 479

Approaching a complete yeast interactome – combining a robust high-throughput pull-down workflow with
fast and sensitive Evosep/timsTOF Pro analysis


André Clemens Michaelis, Andreas-David Brunner, Maximilian Zwiebel, Isabell Bludau, Maximilian T. Strauss, Florian Meier, Matthias Mann

talk at TOE AM 09:30

Large-scale Palaeoproteogenomics to explore the phylogenetic tree of Elephantidae

Authors:  Patrick Leopold Ruether, Simon Rasmussen, Immanuel Husic, Marianne Dehasque, Love Dalén, Jesper V Olsen

poster no. ThP 487

High Throughput Protein Quantification for Clinical Research with a New NanoLC System Coupled to a Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Authors:  Linfeng Wu, Nicolai Bache

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