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In a series of three we visit 3 respected pioneers asking them how they view the value and future of proteomics:

Dr. Thomas Conrads, Inova Schar Institute
Dr. Conrads explains how clinical proteomics can impact cancer patient care, early diagnosis and enhance personalized treatment.

Prof. Matthias Mann, Research Director and Group leader at the Proteomics Program at the University of Copenhagen
Prof. Mann shares his perspective on clinical proteomics

Akhilesh Pandey, M.D., Ph.D., John Hopkins
Prof. Pandey talks about the current situation for clinical proteomics and what is looming on the horizon.

Getting up close with the current needs and future outcomes for clinical proteomics is what has helped us develop our novel technology. Since our launch of the Evosep One we have been exploring how new technologies can improve the field of proteomics and what the future might look like . Our Head of Applications, Nicolai Bache, have talked to pioneers within the field of proteomics, getting their 2 minutes view on bringing proteomics to the clinic. 

For more insight to the value and future of proteomics visit our video blog for more interviews with pioneers in the field of proteomics.