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(June 2019) Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Collaboration to Revolutionize Profiling of Large Plasma Sample Cohorts in Protein-based Clinical Research Studies

ASMS 2019 – Thermo Fisher Scientific and Evosep have entered into a collaboration to develop high-throughput clinical research proteomics workflows for profiling large plasma sample cohorts for proteomics, translational research and pharmaceutical applications.

(March 2019) Bruker Announces Progress in Advanced Methods and Software Tools for 4D High-Throughput and Ultra-High Sensitivity Proteomics

At the 15th Annual Conference of the US Human Proteome Organization, Bruker announces further progress in high-sensitivity, high-throughput plasma-proteomics using the timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer connected to an Evosep One low-flow chromatography system. 

(October 2018) HUPO Moving in Translational, Clinical Direction as HPP Project Approaches Goal

Biognosys and Evosep jointly announced a high-throughput workflow for clinical plasma proteomics that combines Biognosys’ PQ500 plasma protein panel, which quantifies 500 proteins using DIA mass spec, with the Evosep One liquid chromatography system.


With the release of a Bruker plug-in to control the Evosep One LC system, Bruker and Evosep now announce a co-selling agreement, which enables Bruker to sell, support and service a complete solution for proteomics labs requiring extreme throughput, sensitivity and robustness.


At the 17th Human Proteome Organization World Congress, Biognosys and Evosep jointly promote a robust, high-throughput workflow for clinical research proteomics.


(August 2018) Evosep LC System Enables Mass Spec Throughput of 200 Samples per Day

Researchers from the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, University of Copenhagen, and liquid chromatography firm Evosep Biosystems have developed a mass spec-based proteomics workflow capable of running more than 200 samples per day.

(June 2018) Thermo Scientific and Evosep join hands to develop robust, high-throughput workflows for clinical proteomics

At the 66th Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Thermo Scientific and Evosep announced a joint effort to develop and promote robust, high-throughput workflows for clinical proteomics

(June 2018) Bruker Introduces scimaX™ MRMS for Novel Phenomics Workflows, and Further Enhances the timsTOF™ Pro for PASEF Proteomics at ASMS

In their press release at the 66th ASMS Conference, Bruker announces full integration with the Evosep One separation device with Bruker’s Hystar LC/MS control for high-throughput clinical proteomics of up to 200 samples per day. This novel combination delivers superb sensitivity (50 ng HeLa) and high throughput for LFQ of ~1,200 proteins in only ~5 minutes.

(June 2018) ASMS recap by genome web

To further increase throughput, Mann and his colleagues combined the timsTOF Pro with the Evosep One LC system, which uses a preformed gradient to improve assay robustness and cut downtime between injections.

(June 2018) journal of integrated omics: shotgun proteomics: where do we stand now?

Making a sample ready for shoutgun proteomics analysis has always been a timeconsuming operation. However, new techniological advances in chromatpgraphy are called to change the panorama dramatically.

(March 2018) Bruker and Evosep Announce New Integrated Clinical Research Proteomics Solution to Quantify Over a Thousand Proteins in Five Minutes

At the 2018 US HUPO Conference, Bruker and Evosep announce that they have executed a co-development and co-marketing agreement for the Evosep One chromatography system to work seamlessly with Bruker’s timsTOF Pro ultra-high resolution quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometer.

(February 2018) Bruker Highlights Innovative Analytical Solutions and Systems at Pittcon 2018

At Pittcon 2018, Bruker this week will highlight various innovative analytical systems and new high-value solutions – Bruker’s revolutionary timsTOF Pro mass spectrometer for high sensitivity proteomics can now be integrated with the Evosep One separation device for high-throughput clinical proteomics.

(September 2017) Evosep Introduces A Novel Separation Solution Designed for Clinical Omics at HUPO 2017

Today, the Evosep One is introduced, a novel separation solution designed for fast and robust separation of omics samples in large clinical cohort studies (primarily proteomics and metabolomics).

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