This year at ASMS we hosted a Breakfast Meeting inviting Evosep One users to present their data and experiences with the our technology.

In this second part of the meeting Jonathan Krieger, PhD, Senior Applications Scientist at Bioinformatics Solutions presented “Evosep One Enables Robust Deep Proteome Coverage Using Tandem Mass Tags while Significantly Reducing Instrument Time” showcasing recent data from the SPARC Biocentre at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Watch the full presentation below:

Want to learn more about how our users are getting succesful with our technology?

Watch the first part of our ASMS Breakfast with Professor Jesper Olsen from CPR, KU presenting the results of combining the robust Evosep One separation front-end solution with the new Thermo Fisher Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 480 MS.

Watch the presentation here.