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Our technology combine user-friendly workflows with automated processes. It empowers researchers, even without extensive expertise, to confidently use liquid chromatography mass spectrometry based proteomics in their work.

Why Choose Evosep for Your Proteomics Needs?

Are you new to proteomics or looking to integrate cutting-edge technology into your research? this page is your gateway to understanding and leveraging the power of proteomics in the pharmaceutical industry.

Whether you want to run the samples yourself or prefer our assistance in tailoring the ideal solution, we’ve got you covered. Our solutions are designed to simplify and streamline your proteomics workflows, making advanced analytical techniques accessible to users of all levels.

By customizing your project with fully automated end-to-end proteomics workflows, you gain access to unbiased data insights.


Ease of use

The user-friendly design of Evosep One reduces technical barriers, enabling researchers with varying levels of experience to conduct proteomics analyses effortlessly.


Ensures consistency and reliability in results, which is crucial for reproducible research and robust data interpretation.

High throughput capabilities

Accelerates research processes by enabling routine analysis of single samples up to hundreds of proteomes per instrument per day.

Confidence in results

The robustness and reliability of Evosep One provide confidence in the accuracy and precision of your proteomics data.

Comprehensive Analysis

LC-MS based proteomics allows for the simultaneous analysis of multiple proteins without the need for specific antibodies, offering tunable proteome depth and flexibility to study protein dynamics and modifications.

Why Proteomics?

With proteomics technologies you can accelerate biological innovation and improve understanding of clinical presentations.

 Evosep Biolabs

Evosep Biolabs is a center of excellence for high-throughput proteomics, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of proteomics for accelerating drug discovery and bridging translational research to diagnostics.


A separation tool designed for clinical omics

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