Evosep at USHUPO 2022

Join us at this year’s US HUPO. We are very much present at this years conference, and look forward to traveling the globe again to meet fellow researchers. We have an exciting program lined up with talks from both Evosep and our partners. Learn about all our activities below.

Meet us at booth #11


We are featured in several exicting talks throughout the week and we have gathered it all here. We hope to see you there.


A complete and automated sample preparation strategy for high throughput and standardized proteomics Identify and Quantify

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics is fast growing and provides a powerful set of technologies, with the potential to revolutionize health care and enable precision medicine. We recently developed the Evosep One, which is specifically designed for high throughput applications, with a focus on clinical analysis of large sample cohorts.

For a widespread adoption of proteomics in the clinic, the entire workflow from sample preparation through LC-MS and data analysis needs to be fast and robust to enable the required throughput. To meet these requirements, we introduce an end-to-end workflow from protein lysate to peptides loaded on Evotips ready for injection on the Evosep One. Furthermore to facilitate high throughput analysis in the clinical laboratory, we have developed a new standardized method for the Evosep One allowing for 500 samples analyzed per day.

Lightning talk by Nicolai Bache, Head of Applications at Evosep, Tuesday, 1 March at 10:00 – 11:30 am ET (Poster P16.02 in topic Quantitative Proteomics and Systems Biology) 


Precision medicine, Single cell proteomics and Real-time bioinformatics

Join Bruker during this lunch workshop, where Dr. Jenny Van Eyk and Dr. Ben Orsburn will discuss the current involvement of mass spectrometry in precision medicine and advances in single-cell proteomics. Additionally, different approaches and the current state-of-the-art for data analysis of timsTOF data will be discussed. Q&A after each speaker presentation should make for a lively discussion. 

Monday February 28th, 1:00 pm – 2:00 am, location: Crystal D


Identify and Quantify More Proteins and PTMs with Zeno MS/MS: See How the Latest High-powered Proteomics Hardware Innovations Can Accelerate Your Research

Join SCIEX for an exciting session highlighting new innovations and proteomics applications made possible using the SCIEX ZenoTOF 7600 system. Dr. Christie Hunter (SCIEX) and Dr. Birgit Schilling (Buck Institute for Research on Aging) will discuss some exciting early results from the ZenoTOF 7600 system for biomarker research. Dr. Christie Hunter will present: Zeno MS/MS powers quantitative and qualitative workflows for proteomics, using the ZenoTOF 7600 system The Zeno trap technology, providing up to a ~5x increase in peptide MS/MS sensitivity, enables faster acquisition rates, improves LLOQs, and increases the numbers of proteins/peptides identified and quantified from a proteomic sample. Dr. Birgit Schilling will present: Novel workflows for protein post-translational modifications using novel electron activated dissociation fragmentation on a ZenoTOF 7600 system The tunable electron activated dissociation (EAD), which can preserve labile post-translational modifications, provides better sequence coverage, assists in precise PTM site localization, and allows for accurate quantification of various types of PTM (phosphorylation, succinylation, and malonylation).

Monday February 28th, 1:00 pm – 2:00 am, location: Opal 

Start you career at Evosep

Why you should consider working for Evosep? With several international positions available you can meet us at the Early Career Researcher (ECR) session to learn more about working at Evosep. While you wait for the conference to start you can visit our career page to learn more about our open positions. 

Meet us on Monday Feb 28th at 7 PM EST at the Charleston Marriott


P01.25: Quality Control of a DIA-MS High-Throughput proteomics workflow for CSF samples from parkinson’s disease pations

Session: Advances in technology
Presenting author: Kirstin E. Washington, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

P16.02: A complete and automated sample preparation strategy for high thorughput and standardized proteomics 

Session: Quantitative Proteomics and Systems Biology
Author: Dorte Bekker-Jensen, Evosep

P17.01: Application of a library-free dia-PASEFF approach for high thorughput and high sensitivity proteomics

Session: Single-Cell proteomics
Presenting Author: Diego Assis, Bruker Scientific LLC, Billerica

P17.04: Ultra-Sensitive proteome quantification on the timsTOF SCP Mass Spectrometer

Session: Single-Cell proteomics
Presenting Author: Matthew Willetts, Bruker Daltonics, Billerica

Evosep at HUPO 2021

#96 Robust, very low nanoflow LC-MS methods for ultra-sensitive single-cell and phosphoproteomics

Talk by Dorte Bekker-Jensen, senior scientist, evosep 

Here we describe how the Evotip, a disposable trap column, is an integral part for efficient concentration and loading of very low sample amounts. As the electrospray ionization efficiency is concentration dependent, we achieve the highest sensitivity at low flowrates. To take advantage of this, we developed a set of LC methods operating at gradient flows of 25, 50 and 100 nl/min on standard Evosep One hardware. This setup builds on a robust platform allowing for several thousand uninterrupted injections even at very low flow rates.

Tuesday Evosep Lunch seminar

Ultra sensitive and high throughput proteomics on the standardized Evosep One platform

Spatial-proteomics reveal in-vivo phospho-signaling dynamics at subcellular resolution

Talk by Jesper Olsen, Group leader at Olsen Group, University of Copenhagen


Talk by Erwin M. Schoof, Associate Professor in Single-Cell Proteomics in Disease Biology / Head of DTU Proteomics Core, DTU – Technical University of Denmark