Introduction and talk by Nicolai Bache, Head of Applications at Evosep and

Dorte Bekker-Jensen, Senior Scientist at Evosep

Evotip Pure™ is a new generation Evotip developed for high performance. To ensure quality, we have internalized and refined all critical manufacturing and carefully chosen the chemistry. The design of Evotip Pure is based on five years of customer feedback added to a thorough review of every single aspect of the Evotip.

The importance of the Evotip

While Evosep One offers a standardized platform, the robustness and high throughput is achieved using Evotips. Evotips are disposable trap columns that speed up your sample loading and significantly reduce carry-over.

De-salting on disposable tips has become common practice for sample preparation prior to nano-flow LC-MS. When using Evosep One, this is not different. The difference is that you place the tip with your sample in Evosep One. This omits the manual steps as eluting, drying down and resuspending. Evotips are first used to desalt your sample and then as a disposable trap column in Evosep One.

Therefore, using Evotips results in simplified workflows due to the removal of several sample handling steps as well as reduction of injection cycle overheads.

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