Evosep webinar

Automated sample prep workflows

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With an increased sample throughput on the Evosep One, it is possible to prioritize a high number of technical and biological replicates in a dataset providing excellent strength in the downstream bioinformatic analysis.

Automated sample prep workflows have gained in popularity in proteomics laboratories. In this webinar, users will share how they have standardized their sample prep workflows and discuss the advantages of combining automated sample prep workflows with the Evosep One.


High-throughput clinical proteomics and application to COVID-19

Talk by Philipp E. Geyer, Co-founder & Managing Director at OmicEra Diagnostics GmbH

High-throughput proteomics is necessary to overcome biological variation and to discover novel biomarkers. Learn about corner stones of high-throughput proteomics such as lab automation and a robust LC-MS system, enabling the analysis of thousands of plasma samples. We further argue to apply contamination markers to evaluate potential biomarker candidates and to analyze large-scale or longitudinal sample sets. We exemplify the possibility to identify new biomarkers by investigating a longitudinal cohort of COVID-19 patients.

A complete and automated sample preparation strategy for high throughput and standardized proteomics

Talk by Dorte Bekker-Jensen, Scientist at Evosep

Automated end-to-end workflows are fundamental for standardized proteomics and clinical use where all manual interventions poses a risk of introducing potential errors and increased data variation. To meet these requirements, we present an efficient end-to-end workflow from protein lysate to peptides with integrated peptide loading on Evotips ready for injection on the Evosep One.