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Sepsis is a growing global challenge due to factors such as high mortality rate and the increasing prevalence of antimicrobial resistance. In this webinar we will uncover how our users combine technology with the Evosep One to further research into sepsis and its biomarkers.


A single and rapid Zeno SWATH DIA proteomic analysis for concomitant identification and antibiotic resistance profiling of micro-organisms from positive blood cultures

Talk by Iulia MACAVEI, PhD student in Analytical Chemistry, Biological Analysis and Mass Spectrometry, University of lyon

Today, approximately 1.3 million people die each year worldwide from bacterial antimicrobial resistance (AMR). AMR is of great concern in the context of bloodstream infections (BSIs) when it evolves into sepsis. If MALDI-TOF has markedly shortened the delay of the pathogen identification step, AMR evaluation is still based on growth tests in the presence of antibiotics. With the aim of streamlining this turnaround time to less than 90min from a positive blood culture, the LC/Zeno SWATH DIA sensitivity and specificity performances were evaluated to concomitantly provide the identity and antibiotic resistance profile of etiological agents related to BSIs based on peptide surrogates.