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Single cell proteomics

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Join us as we uncover how Evosep One empowers researchers to investigate the proteomic landscapes within single cells, paving the way for new discoveries and innovative therapeutic approaches.

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Ultra-sensitive methods identify over 5000 proteins in single cells

Talk by Zilu Ye, Researcher at Olsen Group, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research

Our new methods, including One-Tip and CellenONE-based single cell proteomics method, simplify mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomic research, reducing preparation steps and mitigating issues like sample losses. Leveraging Evotip for sample preparation and Orbitrap Astral for data acquisition, it speeds up the process, taking just few hours to analyze samples in LC-MS/MS. In tests using HeLa cells and mouse embryos, our approaches identified >5,000 proteins quickly and accurately from single cells. The streamlined approaches promise to make both bulk and single cell proteomic research more accessible and efficient, opening new possibilities in biological studies.

Boosting Protein Depth for Low Input Spatial Proteomics

Talk by Sophia Steigerwald, Researcher at Max planck institute of Biochemistry

We optimized MS methods for low input samples by combining the chromatographic performance of the Evosep Whisper gradients, FAIMS, and the Orbitrap Astral mass spectrometer for fast, high sensitivity data acquisition. Applying these optimized methods to our Deep Visual Proteomics workflow, we can greatly boost overall protein identification, particularly for low input amounts. Moreover, we quantify relevant disease biomarkers in as little as 25 cell shapes, which shows that the combination of Orbitrap Astral MS and the Evosep Whisper gradients enables studying biologically and clinically relevant proteins at an unprecedented low input.


Nicolai Bache, Head of Applications at Evosep