Evosep webinar

Scalable Plasma proteomics with the evosep one

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The adoption of high-throughput techniques in plasma proteomics has transformed the discipline by enabling the simultaneous analysis of large patient cohorts and the identification of hundreds to thousands of proteins. This strategy has facilitated the uncovering of new biomarkers and therapeutic targets that had not been identified before.

Learn more about scalable plasma proteomics workflows featuring the Evosep One in this webinar.

Scalable serum proteomics with evosep one

Talk by Boris Sarvin, VP Technology, MetaSight Diagnostics

Our seminar introduces Metasight Diagnostics. We developed a platform powered by Evosep technology that utilizes a fully automated robotic protocol for sample preparation and LCMS-based proteomics. Analyzing thousands of serum samples, this approach pioneers the development of signatures for early diagnostics across various health conditions. With access to anonymized health records data and a unique serum sample collection, our pipeline aims to revolutionize early disease detection, offering valuable insights and opportunities for proactive healthcare intervention. Join us as we explore the innovative advancements shaping the future of early diagnostics.

Evotip Pure enabled workflows for standardized and scalable plasma profiling

Talk by Stoyan Stoychev, Senior Scientist at Evosep & Head of Proteomics at ReSyn Biosciences

Plasma is an important biofluid used for clinical diagnosis, readily obtainable and carrying a wide range of organ or tissue secreted biomolecules that could be used as reporters of a patient health status. To effectively transition from biomarker discovery to verification and ultimately clinical application there is a need for robust, high throughput and cost-effective plasma profiling workflows. We describe a fully automated and modular pipeline for neat as well as deep plasma proteome analysis. The hands-off methods integrate all steps from raw plasma to peptides loaded on Evotips and can robustly process up to 192 samples. At a throughput of 100SPD approximately 1,500 and 5,000 protein groups could be quantified using the neat and deep plasma profiling workflows. Low abundance, clinically relevant FDA and putative cancer biomarkers could be readily detected.