Matthias Mann's lab and jesper olsen group presents key results featuring the Evosep one

By Team Evosep

High sensitivity and robustness in nano-flow MS-based proteomics

A collaboration between Mathias Mann’s lab and the Jesper Olsen Group together with Head of Applications at Evosep, Nicholai Bache, has just submitted key results to MCP. Their research shows how to further integrate MS-based proteomics into biomedical research and clinical settings while ensuring high throughput and robustness using the Evosep One.

The paper presents a novel concept that opens entirely new possibilities in proteomics in general and in clinical proteomics. With a simplified design it enables a robust operation over thousands of sample injections and analyzes samples in an extremely robust and high throughput manner, without sacrificing in depth proteomics coverage. The design also proved to have minimal or absent cross contamination due to a special disposable StageTip.

We are proud of the results and look forward to work with researchers to improve proteomics workflows.

Available for download on bioRxiv.


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