4. Mass Spectrometry-based Proteomics - A Fast Growing and Powerful Technology

By Christian Ravnsborg

It has been a pleasure introducing you to who we are. We hope you know us a little better by now, and will enjoy reading about our future thoughts on mass spectrometry-based omics.

“Evosep was formed with the single purpose of creating the next generation separation technology for mass spectrometry-based omics – and we have already taken a big step in that direction. The end goal is to develop a system that processes crude biological samples, e.g. blood, and delivers the separated omics compounds into a mass spectrometer”, Ole Vorm, Founder of Evosep.

A Fast Growing and Powerful Technology

However, still very few new biomarkers are established per year. Why are we not taking full advantage of mass spectrometry for biomarker tests, especially the speed of development and the ability for multiplexing? Read more about why mass spectrometry-based techniques should be the predominant method in biomarker diagnostics here.

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