Here you can find all the latest documentation for the Evosep One. 

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Evosep One – A standardized separation tool for clinical Omics

Evosep aims to improve quality of life and patient care by radically innovating protein-based clinical diagnostics. This brochure introduces our instrument Evosep One. 

Columns and emitters overview

Learn more about our range of columns and emitters in the brochure and visit our online shop to place your order. 

Whisper Flow technology

Here you can find a step-by-step guide describing how to connect your column and emitter to obtain optimal peak shapes and thereby the best chromatographic performance. 


Evosep One user guide

The Evosep One user guide covers information regarding the installation, setup and use of Evosep One. It contains troubleshooting guidance, routine maintenance recommendations and support, service and warranty policies. 



The standard loading protocol for loading samples contains step-by-step descriptions on how to load samples on Evotips including required material, tips for best practice.


App note describing automatic loading protocol for loading of Evotips.


App note describing digestion and automatic loading protocol for loading of Evotips.

Fully automated, rapid, robust sample loading on Evotip Pure with the Agilent AssayMAP Bravo

App note describing fully-automated AssayMAP Bravo protocol for loading of Evotips

Quick guide

Using Evotips results in simplified workflows as integrating elution with liquid chromatography removes several sample handling steps as well as reduces injection cycle overheads.

Evotip brochure

Evotip Pure™ is a new generation Evotip developed for high performance. To ensure quality, we have internalized and refined all critical manufacturing and carefully chosen the chemistry.

Application notes

Comprehensive proteomes with 8000 proteins identified with dia-PASEF using the 30 samplesd per day method

Data-independent acquisition based proteomics measurements in combination with the Evosep One for a powerful workflow for deep and accurate mapping of proteomes across large sample cohorts.

Towards a Standardized Omics Platform with the 500 samples per day method

The highest peak capacity per minute with our fastest method for ultra-high throughput analysis.

Towards a Standardized Omics Platform with the 300 samples per day method

Very high peak capacity per minute for high-throughput analysis.

Towards a Standardized Omics Platform with the 200 samples per day method

Excellent sequencing speed with most peptides per minute among our standard methods.

Towards a Standardized Omics Platform with the 100 samples per day method

A great “in-between” method with run-to-run reproducibility of just one second.

Towards a Standardized Omics Platform with the 60 samples per day method

The most popular method with an excellent balance of throughput and depth.

Towards a Standardized Omics Platform with the 30 samples per day method

The longest method with a 44-minute gradient providing the best overall proteome coverage.

The proteomics dilemma – high throughput analysis versus proteome depth

The Evosep One covers a range of use cases from comprehensive proteome analysis with fractionation strategies to ultra high-throughput single-shot analysis.

Fast and reproducible phosphoproteomics usign MagResyn Amine and Ti-IMAC HP magnetic beads and the Evosep One

Read this application note to learn about the automated workflows for sample preparation developed by the Olsen group in collaboration with Resyn Biosciences. Protein digestion and phosphoenrichment is fully automated for up to 96 samples in parallel with the Kingfisher Flex robot from Thermo Scientific.

Fast confirmatory analysis of rhuepos in plasma for horseracing doping control

This application note describes a rapid targeted analysis monitoring two tryptic rHuEPO peptides in plasma for horseracing doping control. The results illustrate the promising capabilities of the Evosep One innovative technology for the analysis of protein/peptide-based drugs in the context of drug testing.

A specialized method for maximum proteome coverage with the Extended method

Read the entire application note describing the method design, retention time reproducibility and the comparative pilot study.

Case studies

Unleashing the true power of DIA/SWATH data acquisition with short gradients – Rapid profiling of pre-clinical models and proteome dynamics

Achieving sufficient statistical power for the analysis of a comprehensive set of target proteins requires processing of a large number of samples. With finite resources, researchers face a difficult choice: should they aim at deeper proteomic coverage or higher sample throughput?

A fleet of Evosep One instruments supports a proteomics factory at Rapid Novor

This Case Study provides a glimpse behind the scenes at Rapid Novor, a core facility equipped with eight Evosep One instruments running 24/7. Read how instrument-to-instrument standardization played a vital role in the creation of de novo sequencing workflows in the laboratory.