Webinar: Targeted workflows
with Evosep One

August 26  I  4:00 pm cest  I 10:00 am EDT  I  7:00 am pdt

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Talk by Michael MacCoss 

New standardized Evosep One gradient for ultra-sensitive doping control analysis of the most notorious synthetic anabolic steroid

Talk by Vivian Delcourt, Ph.D. R&D Technical Manager at GIE-LCH, Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques

Doping control laboratories are seeking for breakthrough technologies providing improved sensitivity and consistency with robust analysis of tens of thousands samples per year. The Evosep One, designed for standardized proteomics, natively allowed the sensitive detection of protein-based banned substances such as EPO. However, to enable small-molecules analysis, a new Evosep gradient has been specifically designed for hydrophobic compounds, with the most notorious synthetic anabolic steroid “Stanozolol” as a reference. The application of such a strategy allowed the expanded detection window in complex matrices such as equine urine and hair and will constitute new landmarks for doping control laboratories.

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