Evosep webinar

Elevate efficiency: The power of automation

Available on demand – hosted on OCT 2023

This webinar is your guide to get started with a fast and efficient, automated sample preparation protocol on the Opentrons OT-2.

Utilize protein aggregation capture (PAC) on magnetic microparticles in an end-to-end  standardized and hands-off workflow, starting from protein lysate or plasma to peptide loaded on Evotips.

Why choose an automated workflow?

Automated sample preparation workflows have become a popular tool in proteomics laboratories for a number of reasons. With increased sample throughput on the Evosep One, you can prioritize numerous technical and biological replicates, adding robustness to downstream bioinformatic analyses.

By adopting full automation, you can gain precise control over protocols, ensuring reproducibility across samples and experiments. This minimizes batch effects, resulting in more reliable data for analysis and interpretation.

Furthermore, enhanced automation significantly reduces manual labor, enhancing reproducibility and providing researchers with more time for critical decision-making. This workflow also proves cost-efficient for large-scale applications, optimizing protein input for digestion.

Meet the experts

Automated workflow for integrated sample digestion and Evotip loading for high-throughput clinical proteomics

Anders H.Kverneland, MD & Postdoctoral Researcher at Center for cancer immune therapy, Herlev Hospital

Protein identification and quantification is an important tool for biomarker discovery. With the increased sensitivity and shortened the analysis tim​e of modern mass spectrometers, sample-preparation remains a bottleneck and source of variability when studying large cohorts. To address this issue, we evaluated the use of a simple integrated workflow on the Opentrons OT-2 robot enabling both sample digestion and Evotip loading. Our results demonstrate high sensitivity combined with both reproducibility and stability even with very low sample inputs. The integration of the digestion and Evotip loading also strongly reduced the amount of reagents needed for the sample preparation. Using the integrated workflow, we evaluate the effects of cancer immune therapy on the plasma proteome in metastatic melanoma patients.

Standardized and fully automated deep proteome profiling of plasma integrated with Evosep One enables large-scale clinical cohort analysis

Dorte Becker-Jensen, Application Manager at Evosep

This streamlined end-to-end workflow enables deep plasma profiling through the automated enrichment of membrane-bound vesicles and depletion of abundant proteins from a mere 4 μl of plasma. Integrated with the SCIEX ZenoTOF, it consistently identifies more than 3,500 protein groups, all with the ease of processing 30 samples per day at the push of a button.