2. Today, Tomorrow - Where is Clinical Proteomics right now?

By Christian Ravnsborg

Welcome back. It is a great pleasure for us to introduce you to our view on clinical proteomics right now.


We see a natural shift in todays’ pattern-based disease treatment to a more algorithm-based treatment, also known as precision medicine. Our goal is developing technologies and solutions that support this shift and make sample separation faster and more robust than todays’ alternatives.

It is our mission to contribute towards enabling precision medicine. Based on our knowledge and expertise in the field of proteomics we aim to innovate how protein based clinical diagnostics are performed, initially through collaborations with world-leading scientists – and we believe our new technology can make MS-based omics 10 times faster and 100 times more robust.

Next time we will be getting technical – showing you the Evosep One in details.

Until next time stay up to date with the latest trends within the field of Clinical proteomics and follow us on LinkedIN or take a closer look at our Twitter

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