3. Optimized Methods for fast High-performance seperation of omics - introducing the Evosep one

By Christian Ravnsborg

Last time we talked about our view on proteomics right know, and today we are introducing you to The Evosep One – a novel separation solution designed for fast and robust separation of omics samples in large clinical cohort studies (primarily proteomics and metabolomics).

optimized methods for for fast high-performance separation

We don’t think today’s ultrahigh pressure, low-flow LC systems will ever be robust enough to operate in clinical labs. As a result, the Evosep One has been designed specifically to address and eliminate the prevalent challenges associated with throughput and robustness of nano-flow LC-MS workflows while maintaining sufficient sensitivity and resolving power for clinical omics applications. The recently introduced Evosep One provides:

  • >10x reduction in sample-to-sample carry over,
  • >30.000 injection service interval for increased robustness,
  • 1-3 minutes sample cycle overhead regardless of gradient for high throughput and MS utilization
  • Chromatographic performance (peak capacity) comparable to conventional high-end and low-flow HPLC’s.

Taken together, these features enable short gradients for reliable high throughput in large cohort studies.

Want to know more?

Click here for more detailed information about the Evosep One. 


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