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Evosep One

A standardized and future-proof workflow is key to increase the adoption of proteomics in a clinical setting and support the need for robust and scalable solutions. The Evosep One offers a standardized platform designed for robustness and high throughput with user-friendliness at its core.


Founder of Evosep Ole Vorm shares what fuels our passion for progress within the proteomics community and how we envision the future for clinical diagnostics.

the potential of clinical proteomics

Our pursuit for progress within the proteomics community is fueled by the realization that for mass spectrometry to be an everyday tool in clinical settings, it must not only deliver exceptional performance but also operate with unmatched reliability.

By providing user-friendly workflows and automated processes, we empower researchers without extensive expertise to confidently utilize mass spectrometry in their work. This inclusivity promotes collaborative efforts within the scientific community, encouraging a diverse range of perspectives and accelerating progress in clinical proteomics.


Proteomics is simple with the Evosep One

The Evosep One makes it easy to get started with proteomics analysis, no matter your level of experience. With its simple design and standardized methods, you get a liquid chromatography platform built for standardization that enables routine analysis of hundreds of proteomes per instrument per day.

The Evosep One removes sample handling steps and reduces injection cycle overheads with the use of Evotips as disposable trap columns. This gives you the speed and robustness needed for clinical proteomics while still maintaining sensitivity.

Proteomics is simple and so should getting started. Therefore, the Evosep One comes with robust, high-throughput methods and fully automated workflows that simplify the complexities of sample preparation, ensuring that proteomic analysis is accessible to all.


A Beginner’s guide to Evosep

Available on demand

This webinar will provide an introduction to Evosep One technology, featuring recent data from its users. Nicolai Bache, the Head of Applications at Evosep, will lead the session, updating attendees on the newest developments in Evosep One technology.


It’s all in the Evotip

At the core of our technology is the Evotip, an essential component, where the entire sample is efficiently loaded in a high volume just after preparation, minimizing losses by removing unnecessary sample handling steps.

Furthermore, the Evotip serves as a highly efficient, temporary storage device, allowing for complete sample handling on the robot and transfer of the prepared Evotips to the LC/MS instrumentation, once available or whenever convenient.

It’s simple design speeds up your sample loading and is a significant contribution to why proteomics has become so easy to do in a routine setting.

Learn more about how the Evotip can simplify your workflow

Standard methods with mathced columns for simple and robust proteomics analysis 

Evosep One is built for standardization and comes with six standard methods along with matched columns to ensure the right balance of proteome coverage versus throughput in your experiments.

The six standard methods enable the Evosep One to cover a range of use cases from comprehensive proteome analysis with 30 samples analyzed per day to ultra-high throughput single-shot analysis with 500 samples analyzed per day.

This means that you can easily get started, regardless of your level of expertise. You decide how fast you want to go.

Learn about each of the six methods here 

Let your research take center stage, free from operational complexities

At Evosep, we are dedicated to ensure a seamless experience with your Evosep One with fast and professional support and service. Our service plans offer a range of support, from basic online assistance to advanced coverage that includes preventive maintenance visits, spare parts, and wear parts.

This not only ensures that your Evosep One operates seamlessly but also gives you peace of mind by turning unexpected costs into manageable expenses. Our users typically encounter fewer than two support cases each year, and we successfully resolve 90% of these cases remotely. You can rely on expert guidance, with quick responses within 24 hours and on-site assistance within six workdays, minimizing any disruptions to your work.

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“Simplicity matters a lot. As we move into the clinic, robustness doesn’t come by itself. It has to be simple and it has to be really robust workflows that will work in the hands of everybody.”

Founder of Evosep, Ole Vorm



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Evosep application note for AssayMAP bravo protocol for Evotip
Application Note
End-to-end, fully automated digestion protocol and Evotip Pure workflow on the Opentrons OT-2
Evosep application note for AssayMAP bravo protocol for Evotip
Application Note
Fully automated, rapid, robust sample loading on Evotip Pure with the Agilent AssayMAP Bravo
application note
Evosep One solves the proteomics dilemma – covering high throughput analysis and proteome depth
EVOSEP ONE: A Standardized Separation
Tool for Clinical Omics
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A complete, automated Opentrons OT-2 loading protocol
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